Chaos Dunk

by Rename

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Gettin' it in


Sick of all these twerps telling me what can’t be
Sick of all these fuckers telling me what they can be
I’m sick of all these ignorant fuck heads ignoring me
I’ve crossed all of your boundaries
So mother fucker KING ME

I hate to just say I’m the best
But when you look at the rest
It’s like damn, come on
I’m waiting to be impressed

See you ain’t even a threat
Cause I am a vet
Rhymes get me paid
Rhymes leavin’ you in debt

Gotta live with no regrets
So I gotta check
All these sinful suckas
Cause they lettin’ this game regress

So I tie up my laces
I’m walkin’ through these disgraces
I’ll shut em down one more time
I gotta make ‘em learn they places

Pass me the rock or the mic
Either way I’ll school y’all
No need to elaborate
I say and then I do, y’all

I’ll break the back of this track
And then make it my plaything
You’ll sit in the back
jaw agape, and ya breaking

Ya short of breath
Thinking that “Damn, this kids amazing”
Normally I hold back
But this a special occasion

I reach into the ground
And pull up the kids that I slayed
Show em heads on spikes
Let em know that I don't play

So go ahead and connect
ya head to the pavement
The heft of my words’ll
Drag ya to the basement

I’ll kill a copycat
Then kill the cats that they was copyin
Stand on a mass of graves
Let em know there is no better than

And that’s not hard to see
Nobody else can be above ya heads
While being beneath the streets

Alright I see ya can’t relate
Sorry I can’t slow it down
Rewind the tape

Can you dig it my appetite
Cause I have arisen
On a mission
Never give up fighting
Never fakin’ or feignin’ forgiveness

I dont care mother fucker
Do what you want, cause I’m livin’
Never askin’ for permission
End ya quick, that’s a given

And I don't even see the point in trying half the time
When most these motha fuckas don't even know how to rhyme
They wallow in grime
It should be a crime
They livin’ a lie
Too lazy to try
Kill em all, don’t need an alibi

Better make sure you’re prepared
Before you step to me
I tend to do em in
But if you want, you’ll be my enemy

Actually I gotta say
They make it so damn easy
The way these cats act today
1 dimension, cheesy

They actin’ like they got
Bars and hooks
But if you take a closer look
All they are is style crooks

Puffin’ up they chests
Rep another mans style
But still they lay claim
That shit is fuckin’ wild

How you gonna treat yourself like you’re the greatest?
Man I’ve heard ya best shit
You're just an auto fellatist
I'd rather be caught dead than caught with you on my Playlist
But I guess I can’t complain
Because ya shit is so easy to miss

Before you walk up and start askin for a teacher
Please be quick to understand that I’m the one that released ya
And I - Don’t got time for a simple fuckin’ feature
Because I am the unholy diabolical rap creature


released September 11, 2017
Lyrics & Rappin': Rename
Producer & Mixer: MSW


all rights reserved



Rename California

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